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 Memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Truman Hurley who was born in Kentucky on November 01, 1957 and passed away July 16th 2005 at the age of 47. We will remember him forever. He loved to laugh,he loved to work.He loved to see people happy.Like he would say, why cant love be enough in this world. He took great pride in his work(roofing) and everything else he would do.There really was no kind of job he could not handle.He loved good action movies.He enjoyed to shop with his wife.He liked to help decorate in his home.He was a wizard at working on automobiles.He loved teaching others to learn to do things.He would say-Wish I could have had a trade just using my wit not my grit.He enjoyed sitting back and watching a good baseball game or football game while enjoying good food .Did not take much to make him happy in this world . He will always be missed and loved.         (THANK EVERYONE WHO VISITED TRUMANS SITE AND SHARED THEIR THOUGHTS AND LOVE FOR HIM. I KNOW ALL YOUR WORDS WOULD HAVE MADE HIM SO PROUD.)   Bless all of you.    Please read stories below.

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Tributes and Condolences
Gone But Not Forgotten   / Bobbie Hurley (Wife)
It was 8 years ago today we all lost Truman.I don't think any of us will ever forget that day when we heard the news he had passed away.For some us the tears may have stopped falling but the pain in hearts will always be there.Truman just was that ty...  Continue >>
To Trumans Family   / Bobbie Hurley (Wife)
Truman loved everyone of you.I was his friend before his wife for 18 yrs. I knew Truman better than anyone.He was bad in the past .To many leaned on him at once.We all have made mistakes in our lifes.Please -remember Truman and the good times we all ...  Continue >>
All Of Us   / Bobbie Hurley (Wife)
It is so strange how people do not want to be human.So many want to hold on to anger.Time to stop.It does not matter who likes or approves of each other ,it is respect and love for Truman .We all should do.Stop and think about it there is alot in our...  Continue >>
Sometimes Thru Dad A Message Is Sent   / Bobbie Hurley (WIFE)
Sometimes we must put things in the past and move forward to get the right ansewers and to understand what life was in the past. April & Tiffany Your Grandfather would like to speak with you. Thank You.
MEMORY OF TRUMAN-2010   / Bobbie Hurley (WIFE)
This July 16th 2010 makes 5 years that our Truman left us. I want to say-in 5 years I have found out about his life and his past.He always was a good man in my eyes.Those who misjudged him ,I am sorry.He loved us all and did his best to mak...  Continue >>
To Trumans Family  / Bobbie Hurley (Wife)    Read >>
In Memory Of  / Bobbie Hurley (WIFE)    Read >>
Please Read  / BOBBIE HURLEY (Wife)    Read >>
So sorry  / Janetta Grigsby (Visitor)    Read >>
In Our Thoughts  / Bobbie Hurley (wife)    Read >>
Advice / Bobbie Hurley (wife)    Read >>
My Friend Always  / Thelma Gilbert (friend)    Read >>
3 YEARS  / Bobbie Hurley (WIFE)    Read >>
Dad / April Marie Hurley (Daughter)    Read >>
How can he not be missed!  / Robbie Driver (stepdaughter)    Read >>
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His legacy
The Very Best  

A man with the biggest heart.A man who worked so very hard.Who was loved by everyone that knew him.A man who could always put a smile on your face without really trying.A man that was always ready to lend a helping hand.A man whos time was just to short on this earth.A man who thought his work would not be good enough,but was perfect everytime.A man would not except the words -can not be done. A man who just wanted to give love and get love in return.A man who tryed and tryed to make everything right.A man that at times, some forgot and did not give him the respect he deserved.There will never be another one like in in so many eyes.A man that was way more advanced for his time they what he knew.

           A        Cute          Story         About     Truman

Truman and I had our own side of the bed were we liked to  sleep on.Well 1 nite we chose to switch sides.About 3a.m. on that only time we had switched sides,I awoke to a big thump sound.Truman had went to roll over and forgot what side of bed he was on and rolled right out of bed.He started laughing and so did I.We did not stop laughing until 5a.m. that morning,trust me we never switched sides agin.Neighbors next morning asked are you 2 ok and just smiled.
                                 (By Bobbie)

               (   Our  Frisbie Adventure At The Park  )
Truman liked all kinds of sports.We would go to the park and play ball or he would rollerskate or just throw a frisbie around.We were at park throwing a frisbie back and forth to each other,I was doing pretty good catching it to,but then dum me looks away when frisbie was comming at me.I got hit right in middle of my forehead and Truman just fell to his knees laughing on the ground.Watching him laugh made me laugh so hard I did the same.Here we both were on the ground at the park laughing.Forgot about the bump on my forehead.Trust me everyone else at park thought we both should be committed.

     (God I miss those times my dear Truman----Bobbie)

  >How Sweet He Was To Me<

On Valentines Day,I came in the front door of our apt,did not pay much mind to it,but noticed bedroom door was shut,we usually just left the door open.Truman walked out of the bedroom ,smiled and just shut door behind him and said Hi babe.We just walked into living room sat down and talked awhile,then Truman took me by my hand and said ,want to show you something.We walked to bedroom ,he pushed open door and stood there with my mouth open.He had put rose peddles all over bedroom,had about 20 candles lite and had a box of candy and a card lying on the bed and said Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart.It put tears in my eyes and we wont say what happened after that--Smile--lol.They dont get  sweeter than that in my book.
       XXX My Sweet Husband XXX

         <FUN  TIMES-BAR-BQ>

Truman loved bar-bq food.We would go out to lake on Sundays.Truman could take the sun,was always so tan.Well some of us could not-lol.We were at lake cooking out 1 Sunday and the sun was getting to me,getting to burnt.We were sitting in our lawn chairs and I said ,Think I will move over there under that tree out of sun ,in shade for awhile.The tree was probaly about 7ft. from where we had been sitting,sat there about 30 mins.,Truman still was sitting in the sun,picked up my chair and moved back over by Truman and said Its cold over there.Which I was cold ,Truman busted out laughing and fell back in his chair,there we were agin out in public laughing like crazy.One on the ground this time and one in a chair just cracking up in public.
          So Many Fun Times Honey-Bobbie
When I lay down at night,I miss how you held me tight.When I arise at daybreak I miss your sweet kiss.As I sit aloan,Imiss our talks on the phone.As I walk out the door to go out ,I look around and your not about.I just hope and pray I will be with you agin some day.As I look at your photos each day but it always brings a smile my way.
All the love thats in my heart for you,just want you to know it will always be true.


October is here my dear,I wish you were here.This month would have made 1 year that we were wed,love you for always we said.Your words will always stay on my mind til the end of time.As the cool wind will blow ,my love for you still will flow.As that day we wed comes near,I surley miss you my dear.So as you look down on me,so in love with you I still will be.
            (Very Warm Memories)-

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